At Plenty, we prefer goods that represent at least one of the following components of sustainability:

Goods that decompose into nutrients that enrich the soil.

Goods that are vetted by an organization such as a member agency of the Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia (COABC).

Goods that strive to reduce or eliminate toxins and contaminants in the materials and processes that are used to make them. For instance, products created with methods that employ alternative energy sources.

Goods that celebrate the diversity of the planet, ethnicity and culture. In nature, diversity is a source of strength.

Simple, everyday objects that join function with craftsmanship and art.

Household goods produced by skilled people to combine function with aesthetic form.

Goods that are grown, crafted, or produced nearby, which support local economies, and reduce the need for packaging and shipping.

Goods that are made from waste materials and/or designed to be easily recycled at the end of their lifespan.

Goods that are made from natural materials that are grown and harvested in a manner that ensures the quality and availability of the materials for future generations.

Goods or materials that have been reused at the end of their intended lifecycle for a new purpose.

Goods that comply with fair trade practices, employ cooperative labour, or actively seek to build community as a by-product of their production.

Long-lasting goods that express both utilitarian and aesthetic values. Through their beauty, craftsmanship, and/or originality these may become heirlooms.

The Get Fresh Blog has a great profile of Plenty’s values.