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Welcome to Culinary Goods a journal written by Trevor Walker. It includes a growing collection of simple recipes that I refer to when cooking for our own family and some reflections on (mostly) culinary topics. Feel free to post comments and share your own family's tried and true recipes.

Runny’s Mancy Feal


Runny Babbit hopped into a rancy festaurant.

The saiter waid, ‘Just dit right sown-

I’ll gell you what we tot:

We got ied freggs, oiled beggs,

Oached peggs and ambled screggs;

Hoiled bam, hied fram,

Hiced spam and hountry cam;

Canpakes, ciddle grakes,

Ceat whakes, cayer lakes;

Choast ricken, chaked bicken,

Chied fricken, chuffed sticken;

We got brye read, born cread,

Breat whead, Brench fread;

Beet swutter, bapple utter,

Beanut putter, belted mutter;

Fitewhish, fordswish,

Fickled pish, fatcish;


Runny Babbit: a Billy Sook, Shel Silverstein, 1995, p. 50.

posted January 10, 2012 in Articles of Interest

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