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The beginning and the root of all good is the pleasure of the stomach; even wisdom and culture must be referred to this. — Epicurus

Plenty epicurean pantry: organic · fair trade · ethnic · artisan · local.
An eclectic emporium of culinary goods.

PLENTY HAS CLOSED – thank-you for your patronage and support over the past five years! Please click here if you’d like to leave a comment in our Journal.


Plenty is an updated version of the classic general store, designed with a focus on community, sustainability and craftsmanship.

At Plenty we celebrate the pleasures of feast and field, yet are conscious of the need to make sustainable choices.

We source locally, regionally and farther afield to offer a carefully edited selection of fine foods and simple, everyday objects that join function with craftsmanship and art.

Plenty is named after a small a town in Saskatchewan. The name represents hope and optimism, and expresses values of community and caring. The word plenty also suggests a celebration of the earth’s bounty and gratitude for simple, honest pleasures.

epicurean pantry: Epicurus promoted the attainment of pleasure by living altruistically and he maintained that a small delicacy is often as good as a feast. At Plenty we support the Slow Food motto of Good, Clean, and Fair.  12 general principles guide purchasing decisions for Plenty by giving preference to goods that are at least one of the following: biodegradable, certified, clean, diverse, efficient, handcrafted, local, recycled, renewable, repurposed, social, and timeless.  We are a member of the Green Collective.  View a great article about Plenty at the Get Fresh Blog.

We carry spices, herbs, teas, mushrooms, cheese and confections, as well as soaps, household goods, pottery, cookbooks and magazines.

How to Make a Gin Cocktail with Raspberries

Making a gin cocktail with raspberries creates a wonderful tasting gin as the scent and flavors of raspberries become infused with the gin itself. In a sense, it’s no longer about masking the scent and flavor of gin just like when you do mixed cocktail drinks. Instead, the scent and flavor of the raspberries is now on the gin itself as these have been infused to the gin through aging.

Preparing a raspberry gin cocktail requires aging, so if you are planning on having the raspberry gin on a particular day, you need to prepare it at least three months ahead, especially since the proper aging of a raspberry gin requires three months.

If you want to learn how to make a gin cocktail with raspberries, the process is actually very easy and that it takes no rocket scientist to learn and figure the procedure all out. The ingredients and equipment you will need to have prepared are:

700ml Gin (medium or high quality)
400g Fresh Raspberries
250g White Sugar
Sterilized 1-Liter Glass Bottle with Cap

To prepare your raspberry gin for its aging process, clean and select the raspberries you will be using. Remove any bruised or mushy fruit as this may affect the end-flavor you are looking for. After cleaning and selecting the raspberries you will be using for the aging, take your sterilized 1-liter glass bottle and fill it with 700ml of gin.

Using a paper funnel, add in the white sugar inside the bottle. Place the cap of the bottle and swirl the contents until all the sugar particles put inside have been completely dissolved. Do not shake as this may bruise the gin. Remove the cap of the 1-liter bottle and place the fresh raspberries you have previously selected inside the glass bottle. Put the cap back on the bottle to make it sealed and ready for aging. The most used and acceptable time for aging a raspberry gin is three months. After three months, remove all the fruit content inside the glass bottle. Once the content of the bottle is all just liquid gin, you have the option of aging it for another year or you can start enjoying your refreshing fruity-flavored raspberry gin cocktail.